Should I paint my tiled roof?

This question is asked by so many people, there is a belief that when someone gets their roof painted, its are only for the look, and the overall aesthetics, however, this is only part right.

When a tile is made it is made with a glaze, this glaze helps protect the tile from degradation, which is the breakdown of the concrete itself, it also keeps the tile from absorbing moisture.  When this glaze deteriorates over the years the roof is more susceptible to issues such as leaks.

If you want to ensure that you get the life out of your tiled roof then painting it with a quality roof membrane paint is the answer, there are lots of colours to choose from plus given the ever increasing cost of electricity and the increase in temperature there is also have a membrane that is developed to reduce the temperature of your roof and provide excellent heat reflective capabilities.

So not only will painting your roof make it look better, add extra value to your home but more importantly it will protect your home, your biggest investment.

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