A roof restoration is a cheaper alternative to replacing your roof, a quality roof restoration can provide like-new results and with long-lasting protection.

Your roof is an important part of your home, helping protect everything under it from all types of weather and weather events.

That’s why it is crucial that you inspect and maintain it, to ensure a long-lasting protection.

Over the years your roof will slowly show signs of aging, with tiled roofs the following may occur, the glaze or paint will fade, wear away, peel or chalk, you may also see that the pointing is cracking and in extreme cases the bedding moves worse still goes sandy, plus the obvious broken, cracked tiles, ridge caps and barge caps.  With tin roofs the same applies to the paint or glaze, however we also look at things like screws, whether they are rusted, or the rubbers exposed, are there signs of rust and do the crossovers need re sealing.

When any of these start to appear then you will be faced with a decision: should I do a roof restoration or should I reroof?

This decision is based of many factors, which can be spoken about after a full roof inspection.

Then the choice is yours, it obviously costs a lot more to undertake a roof replacement, in some cases especially if you are going from tile to tin or visa versa the cost can be up to tenfold the amount of a quality roof restoration.

URB’n Roofing can provide you with a full roof inspection on the Sunshine Coast, to provide advice, recommendations and a free quote for your roof restoration, roof repairs or roof painting.

Contact the URB’n Team today here to schedule your free roof inspection on the Sunshine Coast.

We service The Sunshine Coast & Bribie Island locally and Brisbane suburbs North Side Brisbane, South Side Brisbane, Bayside Brisbane and the Redlands.

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